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5 Tips to do successfully purchase in China Nowadays, you could find anything else in China, and many countries are buying from China. Here we would love to share you 5 tips to do successfully purchase in China. Find a Suitable Supplier. Many importers find a nice sample at a trade show, get a good […]

A way to De-Stress We have all been aware for some time that meditation has proven benefits for dealing with stress management, and improvement in overall health. There are many different types of meditation that are practised worldwide, and each discipline brings with it something unique. It would appear that everybody is doing it, and […]

Find a container with a narrow opening.Begin assembling your reed diffuser by finding a suitable base container for the reeds. Look for a container that is about five to ten inches tall with a small opening made of ceramic, glass, stainless steel, earthenware or wood. Do not use a plastic container, as essential oils can […]

Promise factory Launched new design for reed diffuser. So we talk about the FAQ of reed diffuser this time. IMPORTANT INFORMATION Directions for use Remove the plug from the top of the bottle, replace the decorative cap (if applicable), then insert the reeds into the fragrance through the hole. The reeds will draw up the […]