Essential oil have been proven to offer lots of benefits for human body, mind. Different oils can be used for curing types of disease. Like lavender, Eucalyptus,peppermint those are our most popular oils to use during daily life.

Regarding to use essential oil, typically there are 4 ways on the market. That is nebulizer diffuser, ultrasonic diffuser, heat diffusers, evaporative diffuser. Each of them work in a different way to offer aromatherapy benefit to people.

From our investigate and personal use. Nebulizer diffuser is proven to be the most effective one in offering aromatherapy. You might ask me why, yes. This is what I am going to share with you about our result.

Ultrasonic diffuser

They use water and essential oils to create an ultrasonic cool mist of water/oils that releases in to the air. In this way, it is suggested to use water soluble oil not pure essential oil. Since it can mix with water and diffuser well. Pure oil will stick to the diffuser body and not functioning well. This is why. So you could enjoy the aromatherapy, but not full.

Evaporative diffuser

This diffuser use a fan to increase air flow across an essential oil soaked pad or lining. As the liquid evaporates, the scent (and its properties) move into the air. For this you could see from some car diffuser, or jewelry, or aromatherapy fan. We have used this diffuser and tested, the scent can go away very soon. And you need to fill the oil very often. Not too much suggested.

Heat diffuser

It have been a long time that people using heat diffuser to do aromatherapy. And will burn the oil in the bowl to offer aromatherapy effects. For this diffuser, the mainly concerning is that it will damage the essential oil properties and you cant get full effects.

Nebulizer diffuser

Nebulizer diffuser is what vacuum pulling the liquid (essential oil) at the bottom of the glass tube to the top of the micro-tube and a jet of air from the second micro-tube blows the tiniest particles of the oil away from the tubes in a light vapour. And for nebulizer diffuser, usually we will use pure essential oil. And in this way, you can get full aromatherapy. Plus it is physically work. Will not destroy the essential oil particles. Easier for human body to get better aromatherapy effect.

After above comparison, we will tick out the heat diffuser. Since it is not an effective way to diffuse.

So. Let us come to talk the rest 3 diffusers.

Here come to a report which is made by famous university. In this chart, we will know that

Nebulizing diffuser produces the most oil particles and last the longest time in the air.

That is why we strongly suggest to take nebulizer diffuser when you do aromatherapy.1

Great. Now we learnt that nebulizer diffuser is the most effective way for aromatherapy.


Here comes the question, there are so many on the market. Which one I should choose?

Or what I should consider when I buy a nebulizer diffuser?PR-27-4

From a user view, there are few tips that we should consider when we buy diffusers.

>>Mist output


>>Function& Maintenance



Mist output:

Mist output can be an important factor to consider when you buy a diffuser. Too low output. You cant smell the scent and too big output, too much oil consumption, which can cost lots of money. This is really a headache for us to choose.

After more than thousands of investigate and testing of similar products, we find out that 0.8ml/h is a good output for diffusing in the small room. So we made our max output is 0.8ml/h. But if you like stronger, we can also customize for you then.


The biggest headache of nebulizer diffuser is noise, this is why some people don’t like. Well. If we are focusing on providing the best nebulizer diffuser for customer, we can’t ignore it.

So we spent two years for testing and modify the mold, and investigation. Now good news is that our diffuser noise is controlled within 30db. This is like whisper. And easier for people to accept.2

Function &maintenance:

This can be considered one of the important reason when doing purchase . We paid money for what function it offer and what benefit it bring us. Plus if too much maintenance, that Is costing lots of energy, we’d better leave it out.

For our PR27 nebulizer aroma diffuser. We offer 3 different stages.  2

And in each speed. You could use in different areas. Like cars, small room, office.etc.

We designed 2 hours as a full round So you will not worry that you forget to turn off the diffuser. And in each cycle. 3 minutes is a cycle.  and we offer

Lowest speed—15S

Middle speed—30S

Strongest speed—60S

In this way, we can suit to different spaces when use. You may ask why is this Intermittent diffuse? Others can offer continuously diffuse. We can also offer. But considering that some people will feel dizzy and also continuously run will affect the pump life. So we don’t take this option. So. Forget that continuously diffuse. They will not tell you how short of their machine life

Another good thing for our PR27 nebulizer diffuser is that you just change the 10ml oil bottle, and attach it, then it will keep running, the maximum speed is 100hours. And our battery can last 80 hours. No others can compete. Durability is what we should think as well.

Maintenance is also what we should take into account when we buy diffuser. For a lazy person as me. I just want to use whatever is easier to use. Better no bother me at all. So, for me, the glass nebulizer diffuser may not be a good option to choose.

See how to wash nebulizer diffuser here, it is really time-costing.

So how to clean your PR27 nebulizer diffuser? Very simple. Just fill 2/3 of the 10ml bottle with alcohol. And let it run 0.5-1 hour. Then done.PR-27 cleaning

The last one we should think is portable. In this way, we can put it in the car, room. Office. Or anywhere we want to enjoy aromatherapy, not only small fixed area. Smaller than iphone6, PR27 is really a good choice for you both to fit in the car or room.3

Want to know more about our PR27 nebulizer diffuser? You are mostly welcome to learn more

Check here to see how much people love this diffuser.3

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