While in your car you may have to deal with long commutes, feeling tired at the wheel, crazy drivers, getting stuck in traffic and suffering from near misses that make your heart palpitate. Sometimes you just need a car aroma diffuser with an good smell essential oil!

Using a car essential oil diffuser will help you to remain relaxed and refreshed. You can enjoy your favorite essential oils and all their benefits while driving. Using the right essential oils will keep you feeling relaxed and yet alert and energized at the same time.

It is better to use an essential oil diffuser in your car than other air fresheners that may contain toxic ingredients. An essential oil diffuser not only offers the therapeutic benefits of the essential oils but makes a great air freshener too

Now, we’ll show you our best-selling car diffuser!


Model: PR-27

Capacity: 10ml

Material: PP,PBT

Product Size: 68*108MM

Unit Weigh:200g

Input/output: AC 100-240V  50/60H;  DC 5V 1A

Power: 3W

Ulttrasonic Vibration:2.4MHZ

Duration time:>20 hours

Applicable area: 20 – 80sqm

Power mode: Car power supply, USB, AC power

Touch Switch:Bulit-in aluminium battery:  30 hours working time; and 30 days Standby time

Accessories: Power Adaptor, USB Cable, Spray Header, 10ml Essential Oil Bottle, User Manual

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Main Difference from other normal nebulizer


What’s the working details of this diffuser?


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How to charge thie car diffuser?

diffuser charging

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Where to use essential oil car nebulizer?


When you are looking for an essential oil car diffuser, you will need a portable aroma diffuser. Some of these are battery powered aroma diffuser and others can be plugged into the cigarette lighter port or USB-supported devices. They need to be small and compact, fitting securely into the cup-holder of the car so they remain steady while driving. You will need one that is suited for a small, confined space. Safety and ease of use are two important features in a car aroma diffuser. We have full confidence that our car aroma diffuser will be into your heart!

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